What we do


We offer an A to Z experience. Our capabilities include  Design assistance, Prototype manufacture, in house tooling and mold building services, and finally production of parts for manucture and fulfillment. 


Utilizing CAD/CAM in creating, enhancing, or modifying a 3D model we begin each product virtually and create the data needed to move to each phase of the process resulting in the final approved product.


Whether the prototype phase is already completed by the customer or still needed , we ensure that upon consultation the product will work once it is tooled. We currently utilize a mixture of 3D printing in FDM, (Fused Deposition Moldeling) disposable tooling, or machining from raw stock.

Tool Room

We currently use CNC machining, EDM machining, Lathe, Surface Grinding, and Conventional Milling to build our tooling in house. Al tooling is made here in the USA at our facility. 


We currently have molding capacity of 1oz to 15.6 oz upto 200 ton molding machines.  Molding many different engineering grade resins. 

Packing and Assembly

Production requires packing and sometimes assembly. These services are also available and a critical part of the final phase in bringing your product to the market. 


As a contract manufacturer we are also open to creating assembly line utilizing fixturing, jigs, and secondary operations. We can assist in design for machinery capable of assembling products and or packaging as well.  We have various methods for secondary parts decorating such as hot stamping and pad printing available.