Molding the Future in parts at a time!



Our niche market over the past years has been to assist inventor and product developers in creating products that are injection mold-able. We have years of experience to help you take that napkin sketch and turn it into your dreams. 

While other molders have a tendency to turn away the daily inventor because they simply don't have the resources to spend time with each client. We like to take the time to help educate customers on the needs and requisites to move forward with their product or invention.   

STEP1 :  Be sure you have and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), provisional patent or patent started. We are willing to sign NDA  (See: ) All inventors should feel safe to disclose their invention ideas. 

STEP2: Create a model or print of your part/assembly. Using CAD we can document a living model that can be changed and refined to meet standards or approval.  3D scanning if prototype exists. 

STEP3: Create a prototype, via 3D printing, machining, or proto-molded. From these a customer will get to actually hold their new inventions.

STEP4: Tooling and building the mold required to mold the product or assembly. 

STEP5: Production, or producing the product in quantity to meet demand.