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Valintech, Inc.

Valintech, Inc. plastic injection molding prototypes tooling and machining

looking for the right prototype?


We specialize in creating prototypes in various forms to verify your new designs.

CAD designs

Customer can supply a design they may have already engineered them selves or through a service. 

Need Design assistance

We can appreciate even the crudest of designs (Napkin sketches). We can assist in converting your files into working CAD models. 

FDM Options

FDM is one method we use to prototype, Once your CAD model is ready , 3D priniting will allow that model come to life.

Limited Quantity Molds

Some products may require testing in an actual engineered resin to find real-time data. Aluminum molds can be a popular option to create parts in limited quantities. 


Prototypes can also be machined per specification. Various forms of material can be used.